My Calligraphy is beautiful dynamic letters hand written with either a brush or a dip pen in paint, or ink, or anything that will stain the surface. The letters can be done on a variety of surfaces, such as photos, paper, wood, mat boards, even glass and vinyl. And yes, you can get your name on anything

Many of our customers’ items are personalized with their names. Just imagine your name  showcased.

How to Order
Frequently Asked Questions

What surface(s) can you do the calligraphy on?

Calligraphy can be done on most any surface that accepts ink or paint can be lettered. If you need paper, we can provide that, but if you want calligraphy on your photo or your mat, then you provide the photo or the mat, book or Bible. If you want calligraphy on wedding envelopes, you can order them from us or provide them yourself. Let me know how many envelopes you have and the mail date. See the contract form. (If you order wedding invitation paper and printing with calligraphy from us, then you get an extra 25 envelopes at no additional charge.) For other personal item like  fabric, wooden nautical wall ornaments, glass Christmas ornaments, or sea shells that you want calligraphy on, you must bring them into the shop. Yes, we can work with you through the mail or UPS. Some of our clients have never come into the studio.


Can you letter my personal poem or verse?

Yes, we can letter your poem or verse…and even illustrate it. If the poem or verse is typed, then you can email it to me for a quote. If it is not typed, then you will need to mail it or bring it into the studio.

What lettering styles can you do?

Calligraphy can be done in a variety of letting styles, and I can do any of them that are hand lettered in design. Tell me what lettering style you want, or I can match any style you have printed on your invitation, or certificate. You can also view the many samples of calligraphy lettering in the studio. The three basic styles are: (1) Block, Roman, (2) Old English and, (3) Script which includes chancery italic, and Spenserian. calli spencerian Or I can make suggestions on what I think will work best for your project when I read your verse or poem. It could be a mixture of lettering styles or even something unique.

What do you get when you order a poem in calligraphy?

A computer generated PROOF or prototype of your project is often generated for you to view, just to make sure that all layout work and punctuation is correct. After you approve the layout proof, then I do the calligraphy on your paper, or my paper, in archival ink.

When the work is done, you get a work of art – a truly unique work of art, suitable for framing.

How do you accept payment? 

All orders have a deposit or 50%,  paid by Visa, MasterCard or local personal check.

How fast can I get my project done?  See poem file folder

Turn around and delivery time will depend on how many jobs are already scheduled in front of your project. Rush orders are available. Yes, there is “same day service” on some orders.
Cruise through the many samples and you might see something that you would like to  get personalized. Many of our customers are so happy with their custom piece, that they order a second, and a third item, so if you are planning Christmas orders please order early.





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